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Blocksworld from Linden Lab lets players of all ages create fun 3D games, interactive scenarios, unique memes, models, and more, using a huge variety of blocks and a simple but powerful visual programming system. Blocksworld builders share their playable worlds in a global community and earn coins redeemable in an in-app Shop as their creations are ‘liked’ by other players. Players have already more than 2.3 million worlds in the community, from great games to impressive interactive models, and there’s always something new to play with.

What will you make?

Blocksworld makes creating as easy as stacking blocks!
Simple drag-and-drop controls make it easy to add interactivity and animations to your creations!
Enter a world of unlimited possibilities on your iPad and start creating a new universe today!

Build. Sell. Earn!

Earn coins from other players when you sell your own creations in the shop!
Get rewards for your coolest stuff!

Play millions of worlds made by players just like you!

Expand your creativity with themed building sets!

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