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Before beginning this How To it is recommended that you learn How To Build and Publish a World and How To Use Action Blocks and Actions.

The Steering Wheel block allows you to easily define how a vehicle drives, steers, and even jumps on a single block! In order to build a vehicle with the Steering Wheel you'll need a few basic Building Blocks, Action Blocks and some basic scripting knowledge.
First you'll need a chassis. Then you'll need to attach wheels to the chassis. And then finally attach a Steering Wheel block to the vehicle and choose the preset you prefer and start driving!
Let's get started...

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Build a new world, preferably Blockster Bay.

    Step 7. Attached four wheels to the chassis.

  2. Open the Blocks tab of the Build Panel.

    Step 8. Attached the Steering Wheel to the chassis and opened the Action Panel.

    • See the Step 2 image on the right.
  3. Drag a cube out from the Blocks tab of the Build Panel and onto the ground.
  4. With the cube selected drag the orange Stretch Tool to stretch the cube a couple clicks longer in one horizontal direction to form a short rectangle. This rectangle will act as the car's chassis.
    • If not already selected, tap on the cube to select it.
    • In order to scale the cube horizontally you may have to rotate the camera to be slightly above the cube by tapping and dragging the ground.
  5. Open the Action Blocks tab on the Build Panel.
  6. Drag a wheel from the Build Panel and place it on the ground next to the cube.
  7. With the wheel selected drag the blue Move Tool to move the wheel so that the axle touches the elongated cube.
    • The white arrow on top of the wheel points in the direction the wheel will move in (the white arrow is only visible when the wheel is selected).
    • You may have to drag the green Rotate Tool to rotate the wheel to be flush with the chassis and pointed in the right direction.
    • See the Step 7 image on the right.
  8. Repeat Steps 6 and 7 for the remaining three wheels.
    • For the purposes of this How To the wheels should be placed on the four corners of the chassis as you would expect to see on a real car.
    • However, the Steering Wheel supports any number of wheels, tank treads or a combination of the two! Feel free to go crazy!
  9. Drag the Steering Wheel block from the Build Panel and place it onto the top of the chassis.
  10. With the Steering Wheel selected drag the Action Panel out so that it is fully visible.
    • The Action Panel is a small grey tab on the left-most side of the screen. However, it is only visible when a block is selected.
    • Notice that the Steering Wheel is already programmed with a Control mode, a Drive mode, a Speed adjuster and a steering Angle adjuster.
    • You can cycle through Control and Drive modes by tapping on their icons. Visit the Steering Wheel Action Blocks page to see all the different options.
  11. When you're happy with your vehicle presets press Play in the upper left corner and start driving!
    • We encourage you to experiment with different types of vehicles and share your results!

Step-by-Step Gallery

Tips and Tricks

  • Keep in mind when using the Steering Wheel block that it is no longer necessary to program each individual wheel.
  • The Steering Wheel block ignores the direction indicators on individual wheels. In other words it's totally okay if one of the wheels on your vehicle is technically pointed backwards; the Steering Wheel will know what to do!
  • Think about the balance of your vehicle and how weight may affect its performance.
    • Use the new Mass action to make individual blocks heavier or lighter and help tune your vehicle for ultimate performance!